Kodaly Society of Ireland
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Since our beginnings in 1993, the Kodály Society of Ireland has had times of growth and contraction. However, the interest in the music education legacy of Zoltán Kodály remains strong among musicians and teachers in Ireland. The teaching tools which form part of the Kodály music education concept are most effective for achieving results quickly during the early stages of teaching and learning music.

From basic to advanced musicianship, Kodály courses offer a sequenced and structured approach that builds on the tools, skills and concepts featured in the highly developed programmes used in Hungarian Music Schools.

We aim

  • To develop musicianship in individuals through
    active-learning strategies
  • To develop music teaching methods through singing,
    conducting and musicianship (solfège)
  • To offer professional development and support to teachers
    and so be of benefit to the young
  • To enrich the lives of the young, and not so young,
    with an involvement in music

Our mission is to promote the teaching and learning concepts
and strategies of Zoltán Kodály through workshops, seminars
and courses.

Developments in music education are on-going and we bring the best and most significant of these to the attention of our members.