What is the Kodály Concept?

The Kodály Concept is an approach to music education that develops all-round musical skills in a sequential and experience-based way. Active engagement with music, principally through singing, allows students of all ages and abilities to improve inner hearing and music literacy by progressing, step by step, from the familiar to the unfamiliar and the simple to the more complex. The concept was inspired and developed by the Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály and has since been adapted for use in many countries around the world. For a more detailed explanation please see our Kodály Concept page.

Who can benefit from the Kodály
training courses?

Kodály training courses offer a great opportunity for primary school teachers, post-primary music teachers, instrumental and voice teachers, conductors, solo and choral singers, musicians and music students to improve their own general musicianship skills and also to learn the tried and tested Kodály music teaching methods from Irish and international specialists.

What courses are run by the Kodály
Society of Ireland?

The KSI runs a number of activities throughout the year. See our Courses page for further details, or contact us at info@kodalyireland.com

What resources does the Kodály Society
of Ireland have? How can I access
these resources?

The KSI has a range of music books and materials available for use by members. See our Library page for details on content and access. To contact the Librarian, please email Aoife@kodalyireland.com

If you have more questions, please email info@kodalyireland.com