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Active Music Making Workshops: Teaching Methods, Conducting and Singing

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Sight reading music notation, naturally
Promoting experience-based
music education in Ireland
'Let music belong to everyone'
(Zoltán Kodály)

Kodály Society of Ireland

Active Music Making

Summer Course
2-6 July, 2018

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The Kodály Society of Ireland is an educational support group specialising in professional development for music teachers and musicians. Presented by leading Irish and Hungarian music educators, our training courses provide opportunities for teachers, singers, instrumentalists and conductors to become familiar with the renowned concept of music education formulated by the Hungarian composer and educator Zoltán Kodály, a concept which can be summed up very simply as active, experience-based learning and musical development through singing.


These courses allow participants to improve their own musicianship, while at the same time opening up a world of music teaching ideas, methods and resources for all ages and abilities.